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CLIF Ambassadors is a sponsored program. The role of these ambassadors is to promote CLIF by wearing branded apparel and by using and promoting CLIF products during training sessions and events. 8-10 events is what is required to be completed as part of being a successful CLIF Ambassador.

These events range from, but are not limited to: training sessions, coaching an activity, leading a local running group or participating in a community event all while wearing CLIF branded apperal.

This site was created for your use and allows you to view team forms and documents.

Team Login: This is a password protected area for team members only. This section will allow you immediate access to important team documents and links.

Enjoy the site!

For more information on CLIF, please visit: www.clifbar.com 

For questions about team, please visit: www.clif.ambassadors.active.com